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Degrees of perfection.

Why precision makes the difference.

Overcooking can really affect the nutritional value of the food you cook, whereas
over-boiling vegetables robs them of their vitamins. Both undercooked and overcooked meat can pose health risks. When cooking, there is often also a risk of burnt and potentially harmful food particles entering the air. So, even if you cook yourself, without turning to recipes, Celsius°Cooking™ accessories will help you avoid cooking food at the wrong temperature.

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The heart of Celsius°Cooking™. Sensors and intelligence.

Using the Celsius°Cooking™ Probe, home chefs can measure the exact temperature inside the food they are preparing as well as the temperature of all fluids. The Celsius°Cooking™ Chef’s Pot and the Celsius°Cooking™ Frying Pan each have a sensor installed on the base. These sensors precisely measure the amount of heat directed to the pot and pan so nothing gets too hot or not hot enough. The pot, pan and probe communicate information with the connected induction hob via Bluetooth, so the hob always delivers the right amount of heat.

Temperature Controlled Cooking.

It’s in your hands